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Fire Sealing Around Pipe

Fire Sealant Systems

Fire protection systems are an essential component of any building, ensuring the safety of its occupants in case of a fire. One of the crucial elements of these systems is which play a crucial role in preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

What is a Fire Rated Sealant?

Fire rated sealant is a type of fire-resistant material used to seal openings and joints in fire-rated barriers, such as walls, floors, and ceilings. The purpose of firestop sealants is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through these penetrations, maintaining the integrity of the fire-rated barrier. Fire-rated sealants are designed to withstand, or expand and fill the gaps in the event of a fire, creating a barrier that restricts the spread of fire and smoke.

Why are Fire Rated Sealants Important?

Fire-rated sealants play a critical role in ensuring the safety of building occupants in the event of a fire. They work by preventing the spread of fire and smoke, giving occupants more time to evacuate the building and reducing the risk of fire-related injuries and fatalities for the occupants and the fire brigade. Additionally, firestop sealants help to minimize the damage caused by fire, reducing the cost of repairs and minimizing business disruption.

Types of Fire Rated Sealants

Some of the most common types of firestop sealants include:

Acrylic Fire Rated Sealants:

Acrylic firestop sealants are commonly water-based, low VOC, and can be environmentally friendly (like Trafalgar FyreFLEX, which uses recycled materials in its formulation). They are perfect for fire stopping cable and metal pipe penetrations through fire-rated barriers.

Intumescent Fire Rated Sealants:

Intumescent firestop sealants (or mastics) are designed to actively expand and fill gaps in the event of a fire, filling in gaps left by plastic conduits, pipes and lagged metal pipes (eg pair coils) creating a barrier that restricts the spread of fire and smoke.

Silicone Fire Rated Sealant:

Silicone firestop sealants are known for their high-temperature resistance and durability when exposed to the elements. They are often used in high-temperature applications, such as in power plants and industrial facilities, or where exposure to the outside of the building is unavoidable.

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